Health & Beauty / Women

What’s ‘Beauty’ to You?

lies in the ‘Eyes of the Beholder’, I’m sure you’ve heard this countless of times but one thing’s for certain, many would agree that a ‘flawless skin’ is the foundation to a youthful appearance.

Thankfully for women we have the option of make-up, ah yes the wanders of cosmetics and what it can do for us; covering those unsightly spots, dark circles or simply to create a livelier image of ourselves. Cosmetics are great; I personally feel that if it can enhance our facial features, why should we avoid it totally, but what a better way to get back that natural beauty then to begin from our skin’s natural state.

Do you find yourself with make-up almost everyday? It’s ok if you do, but it’s important to keep your skin bare somedays & invest in products to maintain that beautiful glow.

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