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Do Men Need Facial Care?

No longer a taboo, ‘Men’s Beauty’ has  evolved since the cave man ages, trends have changed and many men are turning to both Health & Beauty products to give them that extra edge. Decades back, we would never talk of men facial wash, creams or any skin care related products for men. Today, there are countless of brands in the market eyeing to be at the top chain of reign to conquer the male market.

A simple good old fashion regime would be the soap and water, these days we’re talking eye-brow tweaks, facial masks and even manicures? Depending on the time spent and focus of importance, i think there’s nothing wrong with a lil’ extra here and there, ‘metro-sexuality’ is no longer a ‘unique’ choice of life but rather a ‘lifestyle norm’ for many.

Do you invest in ‘Men’s Skin Care’ products?

3 thoughts on “Do Men Need Facial Care?

  1. Great post! Guys are definitely starting to look after themselves more than before. The days of hot water and soap are numbered. There’s some really amazing products out there now! Some guys just need a bit of guidance on it…

    • Thanks! Yes, the past 5 years has seen changes from the emergence of men beauty spas to consumer brands specifically targeted to men. These days we have to share airtime with the guys, definitely seeing a good number of ads catering to the male market, from facial wash to creams.

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