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How well do you know Your Body?

Today’s Living: Stressful Lifestyle, Unhealthy Environment & Habits 
Times have changed and so have our living conditions. These days we are exposed to varying environments which can cause stress to our bodies for instance harsh weather and pollution; and there’s always the other factors like peer pressure, self inflicted habits which have a negative effect on our general health and skin.

I’m sure that at any given point of time in our lives we are exposed to more than one of the following, could this be YOU?

1. Long Working Hours: Lack of Sleep
2. Cigarettes/Alcohol: Substance abuse
3. Unbalanced Diets: Lack of Nutrients/Vitamins
4. Harsh Conditions: Weather and Pollution
5. Health Issues: Stress related Disorder/illnesses
6. Product Mismatch: Unsuitable Products

What can we do to stop this? Well perhaps a long list of things will come to mind; however, despite our living conditions and personal choices, it’s good to know that we can start by firstly being informed of the less obvious. There are countless of products in the market and for most of us it can be a mind-boggling episode having to pick and choose what works for us. I say let’s start by learning more about our bodies and ingredients that may benefit us. The key word is ‘knowledge’.

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