Nissan Fashionably KL

NFKL InvitationOpening Night Invitation: 5th April 2013
Edaran Tan Chong Motor, distributor for Nissan Malaysia collaborated with Publika’s map KL Arts Festival 2013 for the Nissan Fashionably KL event which was held from the (5th-7th April) featuring art, fashion and music alongside Nissan’s best-selling vehicles.
NFKL1To avoid traffic & the hassle of parking, I took a Cab instead. The Cabby was pretty chatty which made my ride a pleasant one despite getting caught in the evening jam.
NFKL2By the time I 
arrived, the fashion show (by Syomir Izwa, Zleqha and Allien) was towards the end, but was glad I could catch up with my friends R.Aria (Capital TV producer & host), Ace & Tim (Founder of MHB)
NFKL5Lighted Balloons
at the Car show.
at the event.
NFKL4While people watching I thought I could indulge myself with a glass of wine/cocktail but instead had an orange cordial. The night ended pretty soon and I headed to my next destination.

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