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How far would you go for ‘HA’?

‘Hyaluronic Acid’ or ‘HA’ is important in our bodies to function as a lubricant and hydrating mechanism, not forgetting maintaining healthy collagen in our connective tissues. The importance of ‘HA’ is inevitable and there are many food types, sources and preparation methods which can assist us to keep a healthy level of ‘HA’ in our bodies.

Animals & Fish Skin?
Yes, this is true in meat products. ‘HA’ is found high amounts within the skin, connective tissue and cartilage of animals and fish. Organ meats are excellent sources of vitamin A, which contains retonic and ‘Hyaluronic Acids’. Retonic acid, or retinol, has similar properties to HA and is also beneficial for collagen regeneration within skin and joints, as cited in “Biochemistry of Human Nutrition”.

Eggshells & Bones
Another great way to obtain ‘HA’ is by cooking eggshells and bones to make a liquid high in hyaluronic acid. This process may take 8 hours.

Soy Products & Fruits
These food sources do not contain ‘HA’, however they assist both in production & synthesis. Tofu and bean curd increases the levels of estrogen in the body and when circulating in the blood stimulates HA production. Certain fruits promotes HA synthesis, either because of its magnesium content or other factors. These fruits include apples, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, avocados, pineapples, oranges, peaches, melons, pears, mangoes and papayas.

Although vegetables do not contain ‘HA’, certain starchy and gelatinous root vegetables do. They promote the formation of HA in the body, which is supported by research conducted in Japan, according to the “Human Biochemistry and Disease”. Examples of these Japanese vegetables include a variety of sweet potato, called satsumaimo, a white potato, called satoimo, and root vegetables known as konyaku and imoji. In addition to yams and potatoes, parsnips, carrots and turnips have the same effect on HA production. Because HA is heat sensitive vegetables are better taken uncooked.

It can be an overwhelming task to consume that much of Potatoes or have meat or fish skin for dinner. Unless you are a rabbit and prefer your vegetables raw and able to spend hours making a liquid broth from eggshells and bones, this can be a handful to follow. It’s good to know that there are other options and alternatives from supplements to health & beauty products to maintain your ‘HA’ levels.

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