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What is ‘Hyaluronic Acid’?

Discovering ‘HA’ and it’s BENEFITS
What is ‘Hyaluronic Acid’? 
Due to its rather tricky pronunciation, let’s just call it ‘HA’. This sticky substance is found naturally in our bodies (joints, eyes, cartilage & blood vessels) which mainly functions to lubricate the muscles & joints, keep moisture and maintains the skin’s elasticity.

As we start to age this slowly diminishes in our body causing not only wrinkles but many other health deficiencies, as one of its main functions is assisting ‘Nutrients to be supplied to our body cells’.

Also known as ‘Nature’s Moisturizer’, this substance is so important that it functions to ensure that enough of water is held in the ‘extracellular matrix’ which is a combination of ‘HA’, elastic and collages. Elastic which requires a lot of water to avoid dryness relies on ‘HA’ to hold water which even collagen is unable to do. ‘HA’ is able to hold water up to 1000x its own weight. Carries 150 times more water then Collagen. ‘HA’ not only assist with better skin but also plays an important role in other health benefits.

‘HA’ Benefits:
– General Hydration (skin & body)
– Healthy Skin (Smoother, Supple & Firmer)
– Lubrication Eyes & Joints (more fluid)
– Triggers Body production of Collagen (which is important for the skin)
– Restores Water & Liberates Glycerin Fatty Acids (enables moisture without the weight gain)

As we age the ‘HA’ in our bodies lessens which may cause many health issues not forgetting wrinkles and lifeless skin. Some foods are high in ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ and can assist us to maintain that balance that we require for healthier skin and joints. Click here for Foods & Sources of ‘HA’.

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