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Getting Personal: ORÉ™ Beauty Series

Ore and Methe ORÉ™ Beauty Series

3 Days
I really like the fact how the face mask worked immediately. It somehow light up my skin even after my first use. Simultaneously, I took 6 sachets of the beauty drink over the course of 3 days, 2 sachets a day and saw that my skin appeared less dull and looked fresher.

10 Days
I completed One (1) box of ORÉ™ series (HA Beauty Drink & Beauty Mask) and could see a difference in my skin texture, my skin appeared less dry and had a slight glow. At this point, I also noticed that my skin shade was 3-5% lighter and started to tighten.

30 Days
After a month or rather three (3) boxes of the ORÉ™ series, i could see a significant change in the overall texture of my skin which appeared supple and became 10% softer than before. By this time, my overall skin also increased in smoothness and started to firm up.

60 Days
Given the 2 months of using this product, I could see a definite change in my skin, which is now smoother and more supple, enabling me to leave my skin bare at times without worrying about it appearing dull. My skin also felt firmer and tighter and as a whole noticed a change in my overall skin appearance. I’m pretty sure that this product may even work better for others.

The Verdict:

Like most people I can be somewhat a skeptic when it comes to beauty products. Personally, i think this is an overall good find, one that surely delivers and maybe significantly beneficial to those who have not yet found a solution for their dull skin. I’d say give it a try!

4 thoughts on “Getting Personal: ORÉ™ Beauty Series

    • Thanks, well my complexion is ok, wouldn’t say its flawless, but through discovering these products, it has also made me to cut back on certain things and recently gotten me back into drinking more liquids and trying to get back into a better beauty regime.

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