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Bargain Buy!

It’s great fun! Every now and then, I find myself at bargain shops and i frequent some malls downtown in KL which has just about everything under one roof. Not only are these items inexpensive they’re pretty up to trend too.
Bracelet Watch1I’m a big fan of bangles, bracelets and anything on my hand. Was walking around and saw this cute array of string bracelets, they had it in various colours, some truly bright and eye catching. I decided to go for the simple brown because it could match most of my outfits of any colour, and wait did i forget to tell you…
Bracelet Watch2

It’s actually a watch too, yup! love the fact how the sunflower covers the face to look simply like an ordinary sunflower bracelet and voila, it’s actually a watch. The watch becomes scratch free and because its’ inexpensive, when it wears out, I still get to keep the bracelet, genius!

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