a Chill Out Weekend

13April Sat MorningIt’s only the second week of the month and I’m beginning to feel the stress from the week before, Instead of the usual  night out, I decided to keep my weekend simple. I started my morning with a hot cup of coffee and some Captain Munch Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

13April Sat MorningAfter prepping myself up, I mixed my first Ore Beauty Drink sachet for the day and was ready to head out to town.
Milk & ButterMet up with my friend at the Milk & Butter Cafe in Bangsar, Telawi. Yup, it’s my second time here, I’ve always been meaning to try their ‘Breakies’, but was in time for lunch instead.
Milk & Butter MenuThe menu was pretty simple and I instantly knew what i wanted, haven’t felt like a burger in a long time, so I went for the Chicken Pesto and Roast Pepper Burger! I was just about to order, when the waiter handed me another menu in red (which looked rather make-shift) probably an introductory menu, noticed there were more choices, prices we’re hiked up too but I still stuck to my order.

EscargotsFor appetizer, we had the Escargot A La Cre’me with Asparagus which was pretty nice though a lil tiny, served with 2 mini pastries and cream gravy with escargots and mushrooms.
ButterMilkMy Chicken Presto & Roast Pepper Burger arrived and I was pretty happy with my order, a simple home-made chicken pate with cheese and pesto sauce, was hoping for more presto sauce  in my burger but then again that’s me, I always love a good amount of gravy on anything. No complaints for MYR18 i get a decent meal and was full.
SpaghettiBologneseMy friend had the simple Spaghetti Bolognese which I didn’t take too much of a fancy, I’d rather have my home-made pasta or the ones my mum makes, hmmm delicious!
Milk & Butter Main Entrance
Overall I’d say this cafe is pretty cool; with it’s chic decor and decently priced meals, depending on your order, it’s a nice place for tea and simple lunches. Bangsar is known for more expensive cafes, this one was cool!
SatMorn3We arrived at the Curve in Mutiara Damansara, an adjoining mall beside IPC (Ikano Power Centre), I could’t help myself and went to check out some tops and found this colorful checkered shirt, hmm…a miss or a buy? well, I ended up with a pair of shorts instead, kinda over did the shopping from the week before, wasn’t up to indulge myself.
Balls 1I continued to walk around the mall when I stumbled upon this pool of large balls, haha..
Balls2 Balls 3
Noticed there were kids rolling in it, I wander who was laughing more the kids or the parents who put them up to it…
Got Balls BuntingYup, you definitely need balls to get into one of those, especially when you have spectators around. After my lil’ amusement, I 
decided to walk on to do more window shopping.
StarBucksAfter walking around aimlessly, I found myself at Star Bucks… here we go again with another Cuppa’ Coffee and treated myself to a sweet and yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, hmmm…

eCurveCineileisureLater, we went to Cineileisure to watch a cartoon, the Croods, the movie was pretty simple but a fun watch, I liked the cute caveman characters, actually kinda reminds me of someone I once knew, well as a whole the animation by Dreamworks was pretty cool and it was refreshing to see something new!
Old Town KopitiamThe movie ended by 10pm or so and by then was pretty hungry, we decided to go to the Old Town Kopitiam to have something local, while resting by the comfy sofas and taking a sip at my drink, I took time to work on my laptop. Let’s Call it a night!

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