Love & Friendships

My thoughts: ‘Are you ‘Loved’?

A Friend in You
The daily routine of life can be made so much more beautiful by knowing that someone is by your side or cares for you, be it at work, at home or in a group environment, we all need a shoulder of assurance and a gesture of kindness. As social beings, we are not meant for life alone, I know many friends but I found a friend in you.

A pat on the back for a job well done, words of love from a loved one, a lending ear from a friend or a positive compliment from someone, can truly make our day. Look around you and acknowledge your surroundings, are you getting the love you need and are your giving the love in return. Set forth your life goals today, cherish the ones you care for and be generous with your gift of love. We sometimes forget to say thank you, but today I called my friend to share my gratitude of thanks, because for sometime, he has loved me as a sister.

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