Hmm.. home cooked food!

Pan Cooked Pari Fish Dry Curry StyleEvery 3rd week, I make it a point to visit home and lucky me, Mum decides to cook..Yay! Her home style cooking is mostly healthy (using fresh ingredients) and she likes using her faithful flat pan (it’s time to get a new one Mum!).Whoopie1
I was happy to see ‘Whoopie’ too. A double bonus for me, our favorite family pet was staying over for the month since sis was busy out of town.
Pari Fish Dry CurryThe Dish of the Day was Pari Fish Dry Curry Style (instead of coconut milk, mum used fresh milk), all the same it was delicious!
Mixed Vegetables
For Greens, she cooked mixed vegetables with asparagus and lotsa garlic. I’m a big fan of veggies  and like em’ cooked just right for better nutritious value.
RiceFinally the rice was ready and so was I,
time to set up the plates.
Plate of Home Cooked FoodThe final verdict, a plate of delicious homemade rich dish with Pari Fish and Veggies, yum I enjoyed my meal. Thanks Mum!

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