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Short Visit to Bali: 2010

the island
A Lovely view of my short stay in Bali. I was happy with my pad at this quaint place owned by an Australian couple.
The poolside was sometimes crowded during the day but I managed a picture one morning when guests were busy having their late breakfast at the cafe.


They also had a quaint ‘reading corner’ beside the pool for you to relax and unwind.Menmilla3
After breakfast, my girl friend Milla came over  to visit me and we had a chance to catch up. 


We spent the whole morning by Kuta beach and took time off just to relax and people watch.templeisland
Many pictures later, the sun was beginning to heat up, so she
 took a final picture of me in front of a temple like structure which was pretty much what most of  Bali is famous for. Being as it is a majority Hindu island, a lot of its main tourist attractions includes beautiful temples and popular ceremonies which I will venture more into during my future trips.


After our long walk and chat, she had to leave so I took time to snap our last picture together.stroll1

The next day I was mainly on my own and had a lot of time to discover the island. I noticed there were many small narrow alleys and found a mix of small tourist stays, shops and cafes. The locals were truly friendly and even took time to pose with me.


Finally, I made my way to the beach again, this time I was convinced by a tattoo artist to get a temporary tattoo. While getting myself inked, I was also approach by peddlers who were asking me to buy items from them, it was fine until a group of 5 or 6 women came over and boy were there begging me to buy more, I bought a couple of items and waved off to continue on my walk.

The walk by the beach was good and hey look another friendly local.

After the long beach walk, I cleaned up and went shopping for things in Kuta Town, there were bags, accessories, clothes, etc along the road a few turns away from Kuta Beach, I bought a whole load of accessories and many other interesting items.


Night was near and I was starving for a good meal. My uncle’s friends took me to this place in Jimbaran which was famous for it’s seafood restaurants and yup was I in for a treat, we selected our fresh seafood and could have it prepared any way we liked, we ordered everything from fish to crabs to prawns, you name it!


While waiting for the food, I had to indulge in some local favorite Bintang beers. The restaurants in Jimbaran were all  by the seaside and with my feet in the sand and Beer to keep me cool, I took to the calming view of the waves.


Finally the food arrived and we had a feast!


After dinner we went to this place away from the noisy Kuta, in the quieter side of town to this beautiful lounge called U’huu. We sat down for more chill out time and drinks.

The resident DJ came by to say hi and we had a nice night just enjoying the music. The night was simple and I had a good time.

One thought on “Short Visit to Bali: 2010

  1. Hi Angel,

    I enjoyed my Bali Trip back in 2008. My galpal and I had a great time eating, shopping and sight seeing there.

    If I were to describe Bali in one word, it’d be: “Spiritual”… due to the locals’ strong Hinduism beliefs. I couldn’t help but to feel as if the entire island is protected by their gods…

    To sum it all up: Different… truly different, but exhilarating!

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