Clean Shaven, the Stubble or Beard?

A topic of trend to some and more interestingly a question of attraction. Growing your first stubble for many young guys meant getting closer to becoming a man, let’s face it, every boy wants to look older then their age so they can date that hot girl from school. Trends are always changing, George Clooney’s sexy beard was mostly a hit with women, today were talking of K-Pop, the clean cut boyish looks which some girls really go googly-eyed over.

I think different cultures, personal preference and age groups has very much to do with what a woman would find sexy in a guy.

Personally, i’ve dated a guy once who was mostly shaven, given the stubble every now and then, which by the way I thought was truly sexy and then one day… he decides to stop grooming his beard all together, ermm…well let’s just say other then the food issue, there was also the question of the scruffy kiss… well I didn’t mind having to tweak his growing beard but… the hairy beast on his face has just got to go.

What do you think? Let’s look at some Hollywood Celebrities, while some can rock the look either way, being overly bearded may not be appealing to every women or do you disagree?

Zac EffronTeen heartthrob Zac Efron frames his flawless face with some fuzz for the premiere of, Charlie St.Cloud, a more matured look compared to his baby boy smile in the High School Musical. Most of his fans liked both looks.

George ClooneyStill dreamy? The Insider‘s Samantha Harris gave George Clooney, 48, a kiss “on the cheek” at the 2010 SAG Awards. Ms Harris reported that his beard was “so nice and soft!”

Here’s comparing a celebrity with these 3 looks: Clean shaven, the stubble or heavily bearded.

Hugh Jackman Facial HairMany took to the stubble as a preferred choice, being a big fan of Hugh Jackman myself, I totally agree, Hugh is that you in the far right?

4 thoughts on “Clean Shaven, the Stubble or Beard?

    • haha… you’re cute, does hubby have one too. Btw, I’m a Big Fan of Thai Food, as most Malaysians too and Loving your take on the Recipes, hmm I might try one too. I do cook every now & then 🙂

      • Hi Angel,

        My female friend seems to think I look better with a stubble look. But I have trouble keeping my beard and moustache any longer in case my boss thinks I’m too darn lazy to shave.

        I wonder which style do women prefer?

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