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Sweet Ore’ Beauty Series, a Must!

sweetOrehomeI woke up this morning feeling awed by the morning light. It’s been 2 days since I last had my Ore’ beauty Drink and I have to say, I am really happy to have discovered this product which was introduced to me by SMN2U. Initially I was under the impression that it was yet another gimmick Beauty Drink which I have tried and tested before with the other more commercially available Brands, but this is definitely a great find.

I had 2 nights before used the Ore’ Beauty Mask and decided to skip 2days with the drink as I have taken my initial steady course and it has been 2 months since I’ve used this product, am I happy? I can’t complain because I do notice a difference in my skin and so have a couple of my friends, thank you Ore’, I’m going to carry on with this product and hope to discover more beauty finds in the future!

If you’re interested to get a hold of this product click here to find out more!

8 thoughts on “Sweet Ore’ Beauty Series, a Must!

    • well, it actually uses all natural ingredients and HA already exist in our bodies, so No, its very uncommon to harm your skin. The product is suitable for all skins, :), I’ve written some articles too on HA you might wanna read! I will be explaining more in my soon to be publish articles. Read On, Thanks!

      • Ok, If I do want to buy this product, how can I get it
        and How much? Can I get more product details?

      • Hi Christine, I have received your email too, as I have just started this blog & like page, appreciate your support, will get the products to you soon, have already made a booking, do keep updated for sharing sessions coming soon, hope to see you there too. xoxoxo

  1. I’m Glad to have found this Article, my Wife has been using Ore’
    and can’t stop talking about it, are you doing Binary too?

    • Hi Miranti, It’s a soluble powder drink that goes hand in hand with my Ore’ Skin Mask, I do alternate these days on the drink but the mask is great to hydrate and revive a dull complexion, especially for me where late nights and boozin’ for the most parts makes up for my sometimes crazy lifestyle.. 🙂

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