Clive Mag’s 5th Year Anniversary!

Recapping on Clive (Thurs, 25th April)CliveInvitationThe short night out to the city was a nice change to the daily mid-week routine and a chance to catch up with familiar faces. Clive Magazine was celebrating it’s 5th year in running and this spunky event was held at the Pan Pacific Regency, Luna Bar (a beautiful open air roof top bar) downtown KL.

CliveMag1 CliveMag2

The Event showcased local bands and served up some vodka & Glenlivet cocktails to light up the evening.


As with most alcoholic serving events, the bars were packed with people and as I made my way through the crowd, I felt a tap on my shoulder, i turned around and wasn’t surprised to see, Lil’ Arico and his lovely guest Artisha. We caught up over chats and I spent most of the evening just sipping away and enjoying the view of the night.




The night went on as usual and I met many more of my friends and made new ones. Not too long afters, I began to feel a lil restless, and was thinking to either stay or leave, I decided to stay on for a bit longer and for a good reason too, my friend Brian had finally arrived, way late no doubt after his lost episode to Luna Bar… but it all went well as we had a chance to talk..

MeHanefI lingered on with Hannef (Fashion Blogger/Sub Editor/etc) and finally decided it was time to head off for my friends B’day thingy!


The Surprise B’Day Gathering was planned for beautiful Irene (middle) who was as gorgeous as ever in her bling, bling, make it a triple bling! It was truly sweet to see how so many people got together to celebrate the beauty queens’ birthday, not forgetting the many wishes  and beautiful smiles that just lit up the room.


IreneBdayCakeAfter having much food and cake, it was time to call it a night!

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