Health & Beauty

Is eight glasses of water enough?

Many doctors, nutritionists and health & beauty articles by experts have backed up the fact that water is very important for both the skin and general health condition of the body. Most findings indicate that drinking 8 glasses of water which is about 2 litres is the minimum average which we should consume daily.

However, theoretically speaking the amount of water to be consumed should very much depend on a persons weight, general lifestyle and food consumption. For instance, if you were 50 pounds, you should drink at least a litre a day and 2 litres if you were 100 pounds and so on and so forth.

For the skin, water prevent wrinkles by plumping up the skin. The skin relies on water to flush toxins and inflammation, reducing redness and related blemishes. Water helps new cells grow to replace old dead cells that can make your skin appear old and gray. Despite all our skincare efforts, from daily cleansing and moisturizing to exfoliation and nourishing facials, we should make it a point to include more liquids in our body to maintain that glow and for our general well being.

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