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Is water sufficient for a healthy skin?

Water is essential for not only the skin but also for the general functioning of our body system. Essentially, it ensures a healthy journey for re-production and as a carrier, assist in almost everything to fulfill our bodily needs, be it to replenish, to cleanse or to enable nutrients to our cells. 

However, many experts has also stated that water on its own is not fully responsible to void us from having bad or aged skin. Of course there’s also the notion of how much water is needed for the body. Some believe that if we drink large quantities of water, in time to come, our skin will miraculously appear more supple. This can be both true or not and perhaps semi-true because having good detoxifying liquids may help us as a whole to feeling and looking better but depending on our general skin type, production of oil glands and other external factors, water is not the total answer to cure a dull skin.

Dehydration of the skin may not be able to be solved by purely drinking water as some experts say that because water moves through the body system rather quickly, it also flushes out as fast and might not reach the epidermis of the skin. Hence for me, although in recent to my healthier consumption of water, I make it a point to practice this hand-in-hand with a good facial wash, skin serum and facial mask! Loving my Ore’ Beauty Drink & Mask

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