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The ‘Diversity’ of Beauty

Growing up in different environments, parts of the world and ethnic groups may have a major influence in our definition of beauty. In most Asian and African regions, being fair is considered beautiful, whereas in the Western countries this may not be necessarily so.

Although majority of what we see and hear on the radio and television or magazines portray the ideal woman as being skinny or slim, having a small waist or hourglass figure, some cultures actually prefer their women to be big. A nomadic culture of Mauritania insist on fat women as being a sign of beauty and prosperity. Whilst some may question the lengths they would go to force feed their women which is not only considered as being unhealthy but could lead to obesity, many felt that this could also be said about under eating which is caused by bulimia or anorexia. 

Many different ethnicity portrays ‘beauty’ in their own light, from having the longest neck in some African tribal groups to something as common as having a ‘symmetrical face’ which is what most print and commercial talent scouts look for in a model.

Coming from a Country as diverse as Malaysia with it’s varying races and cultures, the general consensus of beauty is defined by fitness and fairness. Although this maybe the overall norm, I think its safe to say that having a fine balance of knowing your body, overall appearance and taking good care of  your beauty regime is very important. Truth be it that each and everyone of us is born ‘unique’ and ‘beautiful’ in our own way, the question is why would we settle for looking ‘good’ when we can look ‘great’. Learn how to appreciate yourself today and take time and steps to feeling more ‘beautiful’!

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