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Do you know your Skin Type?

Some of us may still be unaware of our skin type, in detail we could look at 5 types of skin categories: Oily, Normal, Dry, A Combination or Sensitive, where that applies, let’s look at the 3 main skin types; oily, normal and dry. When I was in my teens, I couldn’t quite figure out which category I was in, these days, I’m pretty sure I tend to lean towards having dry skin. I use to frequent a nutritionist who told me I lacked liquids and needed more nutritional foods for my skin and general health. Back then I took to her advice on eating healthier for my general health but still lacked the discipline when it came to drinking more liquids and eating more vitamins beneficial to the skin.

I have a friend who claims to have very oily skin and practices frequent washing. At some point I had to comment as I read in most articles which is unknown to most people that frequent harsh washing with facial scrubs can actually cause greater harm and in fact oilier skin. An also very interesting fact is that oily skin could also be caused by dehydration like having dry skin. Having said that both spectrum of skin types have their own specific way of treatment or beauty regime.

An oily skin could be caused by major dehydration when the skin is deprived of water or adequate moisture, in return body cells secrete oil to keep the skin hydrated or if there is a hormonal imbalance. Likewise with dry skin which is also caused by dehydration and a combination of lack of water, body imbalance and harsh weather conditions.
The key main practice is to have enough of liquids, vitamins and exercise. Hot water can also cause dry skin and the wrong use of products.

A good mix of nourishing our bodies with the right foods and using proper and appropriate skin products can improve our skin appearance. So what is your skin type, remember to look out for products and practice beauty regimes to suit your skin!

2 thoughts on “Do you know your Skin Type?

  1. Hi Angel,

    I believe I have oily skin which gives much discomfort throughout the day, particularly if I’m outdoors under the sun. However, the problem is less pronounced when I’m in air conditioned spaces.

    I usually wash my face with water and wipe it afterwards with a handkerchief or paper towel to rid myself of the excess oil and dirt. If I don’t do so, I’d have acne breakouts within a day or two.

    Do you have products for guys like me?


    • It’s a good thing you’re using water instead of harsh face wash. You can use a decent face wash perhaps once/twice a day, nothing more and water will do for the rest of the time. You might have a combination and more towards oily skin.

      Try eating more fish, take skin supplements and definitely drink liquids and less preservative drinks/foods.

      I’d recommend less harsh products for the skin, try natural ingredients, I also think the face mask I’m using may help you.

      Yes, guys can use them too. 🙂

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