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Should I use Make-Up?

Depending on the occasion, I think most of us have used some form of Make-Up for that social outing. Many women would agree it’s a beauty must-have especially for special functions, parties or when out on dates and even at the work place. In 2011, a Harvard study involving 250 employees, commented on 25 women executives who had different levels of make-up on, favoring a few based on their overall appearance and likelihood to be successful in a workplace. While this is highly debatable and competence should not be based on how you look, it is commonly known that when people make an effort to look their best, they tend to feel better and thus exude confidence.

It is true however that being totally dependent on Make-Up is not the only way to feel or look great. Too much of Make-Up may also clog our pores and we should allow our skin to breath every now and then. Excessive usage of harsh Cosmetics on the skin may not be the only answer to having a beautiful appearance.

However, in recent times, there’s much less to be concerned about especially with smart consumers who are more aware of what’s good or harmful for the skin. Cosmetic Companies are also carefully tuning their production line to meet consumer needs and are in trend to producing products that have less chemicals and more natural ingredients to serve the modern customer.

It’s good to understand your skin and wanting to look your best. Try mineral based Make-Up and read up on ingredients that are harmless to your skin. Sometimes less is more, but for the most parts of it, Make-Up is great and we should all want to have it as a woman to better enhance our features.

Having said that there are many ways to still look beautiful without Make-Up and for those who like to go mostly natural or thinking to use less, go with the basics from foundations to lipstick, and maybe a liner for the eyebrow or eyes. Only Cover dark spots or circles on the face and lightly dab loose powder to finish. You can also use a mild gloss for the lips and you’re pretty much good to spend your day out.

The ultimate beauty provider is to having a healthy exfoliating beauty regime, good moisturizer or serum, exercise and a well balanced diet and this may well be the foundation to your everyday beauty secret, if you have been neglecting your skin, it’s never too late to change to a routine that truly rewards the way look and ultimately feel about yourself!

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