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Can I use my Serum with Moisturizer?

Yes you can. There isn’t a absolute way to define the meaning between moisturizing creams, lotions or serum in reference to the Beauty and Cosmetic industry, however, to simplify each in description, we can describe these different fluids as follows.

Creams and lotions are a mixture of oil and water components. Both of these emollients function to add moisture to the skin and may or may not contain antioxidants or skin lighteners. Creams usually contain more oily ingredients resulting in its thicker texture and are best suited for normal to dry skin types whilst the lighter lotion fluid is suitable for all skin types and even mild oily skin.

Serums have been the growing popular trend in the beauty industry. They are usually water based which makes it easier to be absorbed by the skin and tend to be thicker and mostly but not always clear. Many cosmetic companies are looking to produce serum based products with unique formulas which are truly beneficial for the skin. This concentrated methodology to get anti-aging or increased moisturizing to the skin is soon becoming an everyday product.

Most people use face creams during the day and just right before bed. Serums are great to provide deep penetrating nutrients to the skin and some even healing properties. The best way to have that ultimate glow is to apply your serum and once it has absorbed into the skin, use your daily face cream for extra moisture, in some instances the serum is good enough on it’s own but if your skin tends to be dry or you need a supple finish to compliment your make-up, use a good face cream after applying your serum.

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