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Applying Powder & Liquid Foundation

It is important to base the skin with the right type of Powder or Foundation to achieve that flawless and natural looking skin. Like many women out there, I tend to use both. However, in the past, I use to be ignorant and guilty of not taking the time to shop for what works best for my skin. I’m sure there are many others who are either too lazy or keep to the same brands and beauty routines.

For years I’ve been using first liquid foundation and powder to finish. Whilst this is a good way to base the skin, it’s always important to know your skin type from dry, normal to oily. My skin tends to be dry and I find that although compact powder easily packs for people on the go, it can be an issue for ladies with dry skin. Loose powder is great to finish and this is especially so with the use of a good quality soft brush.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a powder is if you’re going for the illuminating or matte finish ones. While the matte ones gives you an even tone, you might wanna consider the other for a shinier sparkle or if you tend to look flaky with the matte finish.

Finding the right color shade for the skin is also very important. A general rule would be looking for a shade that’s not more than a tone darker or fairer than the natural color of your skin. Asian women tend to use a shade lighter, as with tan skins this helps to brightened up the skin and gives it a more natural look, two shades would be too much. Likewise, for those seeking to look a lil’ tan the most you can go with is a shade below or a good color blush which can give you that tan rosy look.

A good practice would be to cover unsightly spots and dark rings with liquid foundation that’s a shade lighter then your skin and give it an overall gloss with loose powder. For people with oilier skin, they might look to a matte finish powder be it compact or loose.

These days most powder and liquid foundation have SPF to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and even some with anti-acne ingredients to prevent from breakouts. Where’s there no hard and fast rule in following a routine that works, it’s important to have one that best suits you and brings out the best in your skin. Just remember to always find time to experiment and given a few try outs, you’ll probably find a routine that works to your advantage!

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