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5 things to Remember About Your skin

Skincare routines may differ from one individual to another but I’ve put together 5 lil’ things i feel we should always remember about our skin. Here’s sharing my thoughts with you.

1. Sunscreen maybe your best friend
Whether you’re a full day out on the beach or just taking a stroll down the street and this is especially necessary during hot days when the sun is blazing, it’s important to always protect the skin. Whilst reasonable exposure to sunlight provides Vitamin D, direct sunlight does more damage than good. Its always important to apply some form of sunscreen or use creams that have UV ray protection. Over exposure to the sun may cause premature aging and in worse cases skin cancer. The sun which emits ultraviolet radiation (UVA & UVB) rays can slowly damage our skin.

2. Prevention is Better than Cure: Start as young as 21
It may appear to most people that our skin only starts to look matured in our 30’s, well guess again, some skin scientist have found that aging can begin as soon as as one is in their early 20’s. Whether a question of negligence or purely genes, it’s always good to prevent aging from the very beginning.

3. Water, Water, Water!
This is a given as for the other parts of the body, liquids help to flush away toxins and definitely a must do to have a better looking skin. Read up on how much of water is sufficient for the skin.

4. Don’t Sleep with your Make-Up On: Cleanse & Exfoliate
The human skin can actually produce up to 3 gallons of sweat in a day, which also makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and formation of unwanted acne, sleeping with your make-up worsens this by causing accumulation of dirt and grime. If we are prone to acne or have extremely oily skin, it is important to take extra care and practice daily cleansing.

Since our skin begins renewing itself every 28 days or so, this would mean that we can shed up to eight pounds of dead skin cells every year. A healthy exfoliating beauty routine to remove these dead cells is essential to keep a youthful appearance. More on skin cleansing & exfoliation.

5. You Are what You Eat: Remember your A, B and C’s
Think fresh food types that are preferably free from chemicals. Avoid processed foods and look to foods that contain Vitamins A, B and C.  Vitamins A & B helps your skin to grow and glow, whilst Vitamin C assist in the production of Collagen which is important to avoid aging and sagging of the skin. There are many other food types like Essential fatty acids which are great for the skin i.e oily fish, nuts, avocados and flaxseed. Last but not least, always remember your greens.

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