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The ‘Psycho’ in ‘Dermatology’

Most people are familiar with the word ‘Dermalotogy’ which is a term use to describe a branch of medicine dealing with the skin, its structure, functions and diseases. This scientific term was established in the mid-19th century by Ferdinand Von Hebra (1816-1880) whose approach was based on microscopic examination of skin lesions. By the 1930s, treatments were more sophisticated and effective as scientists began to emphasize on biochemistry and physiology.

As the skin is the outer most layer of our human structure, it is also the first thing that people notice about us. The texture and general appearance of someone’s skin says a lot about a person’s health, age and overall skin condition. It is the single most obvious aesthetic feature we notice about someone. We all know how important it is to have good skin and how much it effects a persons self-esteem.

Times have changed and so have our social environment, the growing stress of everyday living can effect our skins general health. These days the youth’s and 30 something generation-x’ers are faced with evolving environments and exposed to new challenges which can effect a person’s overall well being. The key word here is ‘Stress’.

Today we are talking about ‘Psychodermatology’, What does it mean anyway? A person’s psychological health also reflects on one’s skin. Many Psychology findings insist on a connection between the mind and skin. Whether primarily or secondarily connected to the skin, a person’s mental state of health may mostly likely cause further skin out breaks and or other related skin disorders. Likewise for a normal person who is suddenly faced with stress, anxiety or a having a hectic lifestyle may realize a change in the skin due to lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits or emotional distress.

‘Psychodermatology’ focuses on the boundary between psychiatry and dermatology. Understanding the psychosocial and occupational context of skin diseases is critical to the optimal management of psychodermatologic disorders. Thus, it is important to always be in a state of calm and manage our lives with less stress.

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