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‘Stress’ & your ‘Skin’

I’m sure we’ve all been here at some point in our lives but as much as we know about the damages of stress and what it can do to us, let us look into the direct and indirect possibilities of how our mental state relates to our skin’s health. Everyone is born unique with inherited genes from our own families, there’s no two person alike but in a world of circumstances and sometimes drastic changes, our normal being maybe driven off our normal state. A stressful environment or situation may cause many harmful effects on our total health and well being.

The Stress Hormone
When we are facing stress or some form of anxiousness or anxiety, a hormone called cortisol is released from our body which may cause a hormonal imbalance and lead to unwanted illnesses and skin problems.

Skin related issues:
1. Wrinkles: Cortisol degrades collagen in our skin and directly leads to the formation of fine lines.
2. Acne: The stress hormone CRH can fuel inflammation causing acne conditions to worsen.
3. Dermatisis, Hives, Ezcema or Psoriasis: Immense stress can lead to the release of histamines leading to breakouts.
4. Premature Aging & Dryness: A chronic flow of cortisol causes estrogen to drop leading to less production of collagen and ‘hyaluronic acid’ which essentially means less moisture  in the skin resulting to a dull looking skin.
5. Chronic Skin Disorders: In serious cases mostly self inflicting, if stress levels are not handled well or branches from a serious mental state of mind, this can lead to skin lesions among other chronic visible marks on the skin or skin picking cause by a deeper psychological problem. 

Learn ways to ‘destress’ and surround yourself with ‘positive energy’ to beat the stress bug or if your problem is more serious than that, seek medical or psychological help.

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