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10 Ways to ‘De-Stress’: Skin & Health

Harsh environments, bad eating habits, substance abuse, careless routines and psychological problems are just among the few things we might be facing today. How best can we deal with so many issues all at once. The answer is to take one step at a time. Spent at least 10 – 15 minutes to list down the things you are currently doing that is both good and bad to yourself. Also, take note of your current physical state of health and appearance, where are you at now and where you intend to be in a few weeks and months to come. Once you’ve gotten your goals straighten out, now its time to start a new!

1. Mindset: The number one most important thing to remember is that your Mind controls almost every part of your body. When we are facing problems or are overwhelmed with issues be it at work, personal or socially, this will effect our well being leading to bad skin and our bodies to break down. Change your mindset, tell yourself what you want to achieve and stay true to these efforts. Set firm goals to follow through.

2. Sleep: Rest is essential for the Skin and body. While sleeping, skin rejuvenation takes place where cells undergo a process of repair. The cortisol hormone is also at its lowest at night, which means sleep acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for the skin. Sleeping is also essential to built body resistance thus, shying you away from common viruses.

3. Unclutter: Keep a neat timeline for yourself, organize your things and set simple goals on your to do list. Clutter may cause you to feel over anxious and stresses your mind into feeling you have more than what you actually have to do. Keep your closet, work place and personal space clean and organized, visual cleanliness can affect a person’s state of mind causing them to worry which leads to illnesses and wrinkles in the long run. 

4. Exercise: Relax your mind and body. Take a break and feel the calmness of your soul, try yoga and other relaxing exercises. Facial exercise is also great for the skin and allows you to strengthen your facial muscle for that firm and youthful looking smile. Keep yourself active with physical activities.

5. Spirituality & Positive Energy: In order to succeed in anything, we must remember to stay clear of any form of negativity. People, places and things that are harmful should be rid off in order for us to achieve our healthy goals. Surround yourself with inspiring imagery of Success and Happiness, read Positive and Motivational Quotes and be at peace with your Spiritual being.

6. Learn to say ‘NO’: Say ‘NO’ to yourself and to others. Every time you feel the need to indulge in a bad habit or feel the peer pressure to do so, think of how this will again work against you and create a cycle of events causing you to eventually be dragged into a place which will lead you to more stress and clutter. Forget about over indulging in food, alcohol or any activities that may cause even further stress and anxiety. 

7. Eat Healthy: Too much of caffeine is bad for you, Medline Plus states that high intake of caffeine can cause irritability, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and irregular heartbeats. Have a balanced diet with enough of carbohydrates and vegetables, carbohydrates actually help to relieve the feeling of anxiety while eating enough of greens helps to maintain healthy serotonin levels in your brain, enabling you to manage stress better.

8. My Favorite Things: Everyone has a favorite thing, what is yours? Find good thing to do. Its okay to pamper your needs every now and then. It can be cuddling up to a good book, watching a favorite movie or pick up a new hobby which you’ve always wanted to do. Learning something new is always a great way to de-stress.

9. Be One with Nature: There is something about watching nature which is calming to the nerves. Find time to take a slow walk in the park or sit by someplace quiet to enjoy nature. Observing the beautiful state of nature is said to be very therapeutic.

10. Support Group: Surround yourself with positive people and caring friends for support and comfort. Spend time with your loved ones or family. Talk to people who can hear you out and who want to share encouraging thoughts and experiences with you.

Last but not least, its mostly all in your hands, so pick up on things to give you back that smile you’ve so long deserved!

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