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I’m too addicted to Quit!

Smoking can be a difficult habit to quit. Social Smokers may have better luck at curbing this foul smelling spending habit altogether; but what about chain smokers who have been at it for years? For many this may seem like an impossible task and for those who ‘quit’, still feel the need to light up a stick or two every time they’re around close friends or loved ones who do.

What makes this habit so difficult to curb aside from the sheer habitual act of having that first morning puff, a smoke after a meal, another before the next and whenever you feel like lighting up is obviously due to the addictive nature of nicotine. This ingredient has a slow soothing effect on the brain initiating a temporary feeling of relief from stress and strain. Subconsciously smoking tends to boosts confidence in people especially so in social situations from a sudden high stimulating ones focal sense and concentration levels. This temporary effect is one of the main reasons why people get addicted to cigarettes.

However this short term relief does not benefit the mind or body at all and instead causes many negative effects on a person’s overall health, appearance and even mental state.

A beginner may not as well be comfortable with their first puff but the body does adapt quickly to nicotine which means if this habit is picked up, you’re more likely to consume higher amounts of nicotine. Often times, heavy smokers who quit may experience silly eating cravings, headaches, nausea and more commonly irritability and anxiousness.

Aside from relating smoking to increasing ones metabolic rate and giving you that confident high, it’s important to consider the repercussions it will have on you and your loved ones. A study has shown that a heavy smoker has an average of 28 days less or a month taken away in a year from their lives if they continue to do so. Unless you have the notion that living is more expensive than smoking, which technically would be the case if you’re actually counting the reality of living dollar and cents, I’m sure this can’t be the way to go.

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