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Gargling, the Natural Remedy

Having a sore throat or coming down with the flu? One of the best, quickest and cheapest way to help ease this discomfort and even assisting to prevent your throat from getting worse is by gargling with a warm glass of salt water. There’s nothing more annoying than having swollen glands and being unable to eat anything without discomfort. Many doctors and health professionals agree that warm water circulated at the back of the throat does two things to help people with sore throat and flu:

1) A saline solution can draw excess fluid from inflamed tissues in the throat, making them hurt less according to Dr. Philip T. Hagen

2) Gargling also loosens thick mucus, which can remove irritants like allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat.

This natural remedy helps to prevent inflammation and infection. For sufferers who are infected with the flu or having throat problems, this is the quickest all time solution to soothe your discomfort. Try gargling 3 times a day with a deep gargle to reach further back of the throat. Well, I’ll probably gargle before I head to bed tonight, I’m still in recovery mode and I’m feeling a fever creeping up again. 😦

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