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Saturday Night in four!


After a long week of non-indulgence, it was nice to finally be out of the house. Well, here I am at the famous BSC Mall..always a good place to unwind.


Meeting spot The Pressroom, this restaurant has a good array of decent main courses to delight one’s fancy appetite. However, as I couldn’t get a decent sofa spot, I opted to another famous tapas restaurant just next door, the always delicious La’ Bodega.


For Tapas, we had deep fried Goat Cheese with a little honey and this potato ball of crisp yum. The names well I will look em up again… as dinner went through like a hurricane, quick and anxious. These are just  their easy description in english.


The next dish was this cool arrangement of octopus served with baked potatoes dashed with paprika powder. Perhaps not a usual order for me but I love trying new things and I like the spicy flavor of paprika.. a good mix… more please.. 🙂


And Yay always an all time choice for me… the tender lamb cutlets. Lovely texture, the cutlets were juicy and just the way I like it!

imageLike for most of the Tapas dishes except for the lamb cutlets, i left the choice of dessert wide open for suggestions. My usual would be a Tiramisu, anything Cheese or crazy cravings for oozing Chocolate things but instead we enjoyed this chocolate cake served with Toffee sauce and of course presenting…. a favorite choice for me…

Creme CatalanaCreme’ Catalana (Creme Brulee’)… sweet and creamy…hmm, delicious. Ended my meal with a tall glass of warm water… yup, yup.. detoxing from any excessive need for alcohol.

Chinoz1The third destination for the night.. Chinoz (although Pressroom) may not count as the first…but I did sat down in the restaurant for at least an easy 15 few minutes… 🙂

Chinoz WineA Glass of White Riesling and Red Merlot… pretty pricey…which come up to MYR 88++ easy..


Vineria2Lastly, to Vineria, this restaurant & bar is also very much known for its wines and of course good food to match.

AngelineI decided to order a glass of Sangria..my favorite drink… and while observing others having their wine chats and desserts… I suggested a fun sketching time and so we asked the waiter for a pen….


Handsome Sketch

While… Toney…went crazy gaga over doing a silly sketch of me (which truly looked like a toad) and other random things.. i took to my usual drawings… 😛 The night ended after my glass of Sangria and I was glad i kept to my ‘Let’s Drink Less’ quota for the night… Thank You for the Lovely Evening… Sweet Dreams… can’t wait for tomorrow.. another New day awaits…

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