Daily Highlights / Food

Sundown at Italiannies

Angeline ItalianniesIt’s been awhile since I ate at Italiannies, It’s still Ramadhan time (fasting for the Muslims) and it was a Sundown Mailer that caught my eye. Italiannies was having a top up of only MYR10++ for Free Flow of Salad, Bread & Soup for every main dish ordered. So here I am at the Buffet Table, this Rustic Italian franchise is pretty popular among the locals, pricing is mid-range and offers mostly Italian food with a close to local flavor.
IMG_20130806_083204They normally serve complimentary Bread and Balsamic Vinaigrette with Olive Oil. I love having Vinaigrette with anything… be it.. on Salads and secretly even sometimes with my pasta too (i know… i know) not a common thing to do… but i kust like that savory flavor… 🙂

IMG_20130806_083032To start I ordered Minced Beef Meat on Mushrooms served with Cherry Tomatoes and Cream sauce… again another favorite with me…i’ll have anything with ‘Cream on it’… hmmm


For the main i had something different.. the Herb Chicken Special (served with Capsicum & Potatoes) which I have to admit had a nice flavor to it, loved the gravy…  the baby hot chilies (Cili Padi) made it more appetizing..
ItalianniesWould I come back, Yea for sure.
I usually frequent other restaurants like Delicious or Chillies, where I go for my usual Pastas, Pizzas or sometimes all American Burgers but the Chicken here is worth another trip… Enjoy!

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