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Consume 5 Best ‘Skin’ Fruits

Didn’t your momma tell you about eating your fruits and veggies for a healthy diet? 🙂 Well, every fruit has its special purpose, Let’s look into at least 5 main fruits that can help improve the texture and look of your skin.

1. Avocados
Do you have a hectic lifestyle or exposed to free radicals? Production of harmful free radicals in our bodies can be attributed to our food, lifestyle and the environment. Avocado contains high amounts of vitamin E which will keep your skin looking fresh by destroying these free radicals. An average sized Avocado contains about 3mg of vitamin E. Say ‘No’ to dry and haggard skin.

2. Cantaloupe
Think vitamin A, this dewy colored fruit contains 467 mcg of vitamin A in one half of a medium melon. Abundance of vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin tissue levels giving you a fresher look and supple complexion.

3. Berries
High ‘Antioxidant’ fruits which are truly good for the skin. Be it Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries or Cranberries. These fruits have some of the highest amounts of ‘Antioxidant’ capacity per serving size. Also remember that Strawberries is high in vitamin C, in one cup, there are 82 mg of vitamin C. That’s about 25 percent of your daily needs. Repair your skin tissue and opt for that youthful glow.

4. Bananas
This powerhouse of a fruit maybe known for also its carbohydrate content but think about how this actually makes sense, without good circulation in your body how can your skin even begin to function properly. Bananas contains protein and fiber and more importantly high amounts of magnesium (more than 30mg for each banana) which counteracts bad circulation in the body giving you a rosier complexion.

5. Papaya
are great for the skin, this fruit contains vitamin A, E and especially known for vitamin K which is essential in hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to our cells without which cells will wither and loose their natural healthy appearance. This fruit is also great if you are prone to acne breakouts or suffering from skin disorders. Include papaya in your daily diet today!

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