What’s for lunch?

A few kilometres away from Bangsar and you’re at Jalan Gasing, this area has two famous restaurants known for it’s chicken rice. Satellite Chicken which is a simple open air ‘Chinese Coffee Shop’ was the first in the area, now 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice boasts as a great competition to the pioneer and perhaps to some if not many a better option. This chain of famous Ipoh style chicken rice restaurant is 3/4 air conditioned and has branches throughout the Klang Valley and still expanding.

1977-Ipoh-Chicken-RiceI am a big fan when the mood is right and my usual order would be a plate of Roasted chicken with Bean Sprouts (somehow I find the juiciest in town) 🙂 Today I ordered the Steamed Organic Kampung Chicken which is a much healthier option. Trying to keep away from ‘hormone’ injected chickens… my lunch partner had a dry style noodle dish….

Other then chicken, this restaurant also has other delicious options, some of my favorites are the stir fried lala in superior soup and roasted char siew (pork dish)… Okay it’s Chicken time!

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