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@ the Good Vibes Festival, Sepang!

The usual 45 minutes drive to Sepang seemed longer than ever, thanks to my designated driver who claimed to have taken the shorter route was in fact lost.. several tolls later, we finally arrived at the Good Vibes Festival which was held at the Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur..
GoodVibes1… however, we didn’t miss much and was in fact early…the VIP section had just opened.. Most people arrived after sun down.. the typical Malaysian thing to do… 🙂 as we all hated the sun…
Tickets, Tickets…. please….

CoolVibesGames2bVIP tickets were about MYR258 but it somehow didn’t really make a difference… as drinks were priced the same in every section MYR80 for six cans of Heneiken… (and the games, dance, etc sections were open to everyone)… the only difference was we got to hang out at the VIP section of the field..
haha… is this your usual pose….? The ‘V’man likes to muck around when it comes to pictures as usual… all I can say is loving the green…
GoodVibes6Thanks for the invite and you guys look sharp and ready to rumble. I’m thinking ‘Go Green’ for Heineken?
The event served up several interesting activities from games to instant picture booths, etc.. I tried out almost everything.. and spent most of the night walking around looking for more prizes to be won..

Stay-Cool3Look what I got so far…check out these Funky Prizes, a cool hand-held fan, crazy glasses and a lighter…


…before i made my way to check out the bands and the DJ spins I stopped by to pose for the camera… say Cheese everyone!

GoodVibes4… by then I noticed that most people were moving towards the stages where the bands were and I joined in the rest of the crowd to enjoy the music….
Funny-Me2GoodVibes3band of course this is me attempting to be silly… 😛

Hahaha….. check this out… doing a solo with my crazy glasses… 😛

the-smashing-pumpkinsOne of the main highlights of the night was the performance by the smashing pumpkins…

The famous hit… Tonight, Tonight… from their album Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness..  and the crowd was loving it…

GoldfishTime for some dance music…. yeaaah, DJ Gold Fish in da’ house…..

This was definitely an awesome experience… the crowd went wild…. I was too sober though haha… but still enjoyed the music.. needed steady hands to capture the video…

GoodVibes7after a good exercise, it’s snack time… many food vendors were closed by then… but can I have some burgers please…

GoodVibes1bOverall a fun night… Thanks Good Vibes and the ‘V’ man… it’s time to go…
Supper-Asia-CafeThe night kinda ended early so… we went for supper at Asia Cafe… I might have eaten too much, chicken wings… fried mushrooms and a whole burger… yikes… gonna diet at least for a week…

CoolFan1 CoolFan2Really happy with my fan…. I’m a Fan! Stay Cool…

Stay-Cool2Well this is my total WINNINGS for the night…. I can’t complain… 🙂

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