Daily Highlights / Food

Fried Baby Octopus for Dinner

red-pearl-milk-teaBarely a drive from where i’m at sits a row of cafes and restaurants nestled in a commercial building better known as the Sphere. There are several choices of foods here from Taiwanese to Korean to Fusion and dishes from western to local delights. I decided to have Taiwanese for dinner as I’m a big fan of bubble teas. My favorite is the Pearl Milk Tea which I always have without sugar.

fried-baby-octopus-set1For food I ordered the Fried Baby Octopus Set. This set comes with a main coleslaw on the side with additional 3 mini sides mostly pickled veggies depending on the set of the day.

fried-baby-octopus-set2The set meal comes with rice topped with minced chicken to add flavor and a bowl of hot soup (mainly tofu based) very much like the Japanese miso soup. Overall a light meal just right to fill up your tummy if you’re not looking for something too heavy. Lil’ Taiwan has plenty of franchise around to choose from, this was the closest to me.. enjoy!

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