Daily Highlights / Food

TGV movies & snacks@TGIF!

imageIt’s Sunday Movies at tgv, Elysium is out, and i can’t wait to see what the same makers of District 9 have in stored for us!

imageWhile waiting for the movie, we decided to have an early snack at TGIF.

imageYummy baked stuffed mushrooms to begin with which was delicious and to cool down…

imageWe had beers..nothing like a cold one to quench the thirst.. I had a pint of heneiken.. which was the only other option for draft beers other then tiger.

imageNo regrets on this tasty order, i tried something new on the menu.. sizzling chicken and shrimp.. Hmmm..
TGIFfor sure another visit to tgif soon… for now, its time to do a lil’ window shopping…!

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