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Sharing Ore’ with friends!

OreMe&Nima2Updates: As you all know i had a chance to try this product several months ago and i have to say, i truly loved the mask and it only made sense if i shared it with others… Nima who previously worked with X-T Models said he is open to trying new skin products and was in fact looking for a suitable skin solution

Ore-Nima1This was taken before the mask and Ore’ drink. Like most people I know with difficult skin condition it can be a daunting exeperience to select the right products for the skin. We first had the Ore’ Beauty Drink and placed the Ore’ Mask afters for about 40mins and then washed it away with mild warm water.

Ore-Nima2The results, well, for one thing there’s no crazy miracle after only the first application but according to Nima, he felt totally refreshed and his skin felt lighter and cleaner.
The keyword which kept playing in my head was ‘energized’. haha…really? … yup … to find out more about this product… click here..

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