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Merdeka Day in a Breeze!

Spend the whole day moping around… Nurofen didn’t do much for me.. somehow still felt a bit sick but it was the holidays and Merdeka day … and since i had promised to meet up with my friends who came to visit from Vietnam… I managed to kick away the blues and was ready to prepare something light for dinner…
merdeka-daywhats  on the menu…  I put together a simple fusion style pasta (which was a bit spicy hehe…) and served it up with a bottle of sweet wine… hope you ding-a-lings enjoyed it ..haha..
MerdekaDay2Since it was after all Merdeka Day… 
I suggested a place nearby… and drove my friends to the Library in Midvalley.. which I heard had a Tower Special on Beers… We enjoyed a tower of carlsberg before heading back… the night ended early… as the boys had to head back… and I was still nursing my fever… See y’all soon… 🙂

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