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Merdeka Dinner Treat!

Post Merdeka Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants…
Alexis-BangsarI truly like dining at..the Alexis Bistro, this restaurant is comfy, has a lovely environment and serves some decent pizzas… I use to norm the one along jalan ampang at the Great Eastern Mall.. this time we went to the one in Bangsar in jalan telawi…
Quattro Formagi-Pizzathe Alexis Bistro has delicious cakes and some pretty good mains, I especially like the Quattro Formagi Pizza… OMG just plain delicious but then again I love having cheese… how can you resist the yummy combination of four types of cheese… gorgonzola for one thing…that blue Italian cheese that leaves a salty lingering flavor after that first bite… with its other cheesy counterparts…hmm… the cheese bits was just oozing out from the crispy thin crusty bread… yumm.. 😛
I’ve tried the burger here and am not a fan… but this pasta dish was actually quite nice… rather small for a main… if you’re a big eater but delightfully tasty.. meatballs served with a tomato based pasta..
Dinner was enjoyable… and it was just enough for me as I am not a big eater… or rather prefer to have mini bites in between my meals… for dessert… it was always the ever so famous Tiramisu which is a favorite here… however, we ended up somewhere else instead…

AngelineChooitake a guess where I am … just several blocks down… it was ice-cream time…BaskinRobbinsat Baskin Robbins 31… well we tried our luck at getting a discount… as on every 31st of the month..there’s normally a 31% off on ice-creams but since it was already past merdeka and the day after… the deal was off…but nevertheless… I got myself a sweet scoop of creamy ice-cream to end my Saturday night… 

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