Daily Highlights / Food

SaturDay & Night!

My day pretty much started around noon,.. I was just about to make plans for lunch when the phone rang… only then I remembered that I had a meeting…and so the closest and quickest meet up point was someplace convenient…
TempuraPrawnSetMealDestination: Bangsar South… couldn’t quite make up my mind on what to have for lunch… and we somehow decided on Lil’ Taiwan... they had ample of comfy sofa seats… and it was a good place to chat…
TempuraPrawn TempuraPrawnSetSide
I ordered the Tempura Prawn Set.. which came with rice and 3 sides and for drinks Green Pearl Milk Tea… :p (my usual weekly intake of bubble tea)…
PublikaOkay so noon is done… and after much lazing around and a bit of work… evening began to creep in and although I was planning on a quiet night, it was after all a Saturday..  and I had made prior plans to meet the ‘V’man… for our long awaited catchups… where have you been…? 😛
LibraryHappy to know that he’s still alive..
haha.. we decided to start out the evening at the Library in Mid-Valley for dinner and beers I got a pine of my favorite Erdinger Beer and shared a Pizza (we selected something different… the Chicken and Egg).. The second destination for the night was Publika.. the plan was to meet up with some other mates… but since that didn’t work out… it was Bar Fly for another beer… (Looking to keep low on my Beer intake) I capped it at my second… after much chats and just observing the crowd… the night was beginning to get boring… yup, let’s move elsewhere…

ChocKahluaSmoresI suggested S’mores,.. drinks were fairly priced and on the way home.. no beers for me thanks.. I ordered a Cocktail instead… not too long afters my Chocolate Kahlua mix arrived (which was actually pretty intense)… keeping to my goal for a sober night… I nursed it for all I could haha.. Well, soon enough it was time to say good-bye… and while my friend proceeded to Bangsar… for more drinkies.. I opted to call it a night… See you soon silly 😛

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