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Banana Leaf Rice on paper

Malaysians are definitely blessed when it comes to food, we are spoiled for choices from Malay, Chinese, Indian to even Western food which is available everywhere. A common scene is Malaysians (from all walks of life) hanging out at the local Mamak (Mamak Stalls mostly serving Southern Indian Food referring to Tamil Malaysian Muslims).
KannaBananaLeafThe Banana Leaf Rice is a signature meal in most of these stalls… These days many restaurants serve this meal on a paper leaf instead of the actual banana leaf… (which I understand is becoming scarce and some customers complain about the issue of hygiene)…
Notice the difference… What do you think? 😛 (some feel the Banana Leaf adds more flavor to the meal) Any which way I’ll always love my Banana Leaf Rice and I guess we’ve got to keep with times. A favorite place for me would be Nirwana in Bangsar (which I applaud for its yummy variety of side veggies, etc) however finding a place to sit there can be a hassle…it’s always if anything packed to the brink.. Instead… I went to the Kanna Curry House which also has a good selection of fresh fried things… We ordered lamb mutton curry and prawn sambal for extra…

kannaIkanBulusI’m a fan of fish and since I wasn’t about to have a chunky piece for myself… I ordered 2 small fried ikan bulus.. After a full meal… we went to a simple kopitiam nearby to have a light drink and chat… 🙂 a great end to the evening!

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