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It’s time for Ore’!

OreBeautyMaskBox1Hello Thursday! Been busy for the whole week and i finally get a lil’ time to use my Ore’.
This Box of Beauty Mask comes with 5 sachets and is rich with Nano-Hyaluronic Acid which does amazing things for the skin. What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? Other then HA this mask also contains many other Vitamins & Minerals which is good for the skin. Here’s a video that showcases how a village in Japan has discovered the secret to longevity. The Fountain of Youth (click here to view video).
OreBeautyMask1To apply, just tear or cut from the top of the sachet. Make sure to press the sachet from top to bottom so that all the nutritional gel liquid is at the base before you tear it open (you want to make sure nothing goes to waste :)).
Me-&-Ore-Beauty-MaskOkay now the mask onto face.
You’ll find that the mask sheet is a bit sticky (and this is a good thing). I normally use it to it’s final drip, access of liquids from the sachet should be place back onto your face or you can apply it on your neck or arms too.
OreBeautyMask2It’s one size fits all. 
This is the paper sheet that holds the mask. For more on Ore’ Click here. Check out my personal take on Ore’ (video).. Happy Masking!

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