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Buffet Time@the Curve!

HouseRestaurantThis shop use to be occupied by the popular Library Bar & Restaurant and has ever since changed to many different cafes and beer places. houseJust when diet was on my list, we bumped into this Banner at the entrance of the restaurant. MYR29.90 per head for a buffet meal which includes lighter Western mains, Asian dishes, soups, salads, etc. A 3-Day Special Offer….so of course we had to go for it… 😛
For one thing the drinks we’re priced separately… so ya’ that adds up if you’re thirsty…but they did have a 1 for 1 on smoothies, coolers and mocktails.. so I tried the Berries Booster… (which I actually quite like… maybe a lil’ sweet for me as I’m so use to drinks minus the sugar,.. it had a great flavor to it…)
Soon the Grilled Asparagus & Portobello Salad arrived…nicely presented and always a healthy choice… I wished I had ordered more selections of salad but my partner in crime was not so much into the greens… which meant I had to finish it all on my own… I wanted to order the soft shell crab but they ran out of crabs…
Mutton Rogan
The first main that came after was the Mutton Rogan Dish with Basmati Rice.. (Tasty, Tasty, Tasty…) that’s all I can say… J
Okay now here comes the Pizza… I’ve always loved Pizzas… anyone close to me would know this but I only like the thin crusted ones or as they say the French types with the lighter base… We decided on the Teriyaki Salmon Pizza… (which was something different from your Hawaiian Chicken or Pepperoni and yup it was up to expectations..yummy..)
The third main we ordered was the Traditional Beef Burger.. (the meat was nice and juicy not overdone.. and it was a fairly okay order for me…) I have definitely tasted more creative burgers…

I was thinking to order more … some soup and bread… another pizza dish or pasta…but we were not about to do a ‘Fat Monday’.. haha so we capped it at that… (besides having to worry about piling on the pounds… there was also the rule of extra charges for wastage…typical of any buffet here..)

Would I come back for more? Well for sure… if the buffet deal is on… 😛

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