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Re-discovering Fitness…

MeFutureFitYes, that’s me at a Fitness Center… i use to be a member of Fitness First years back… Today’s visit is to this quaint fitness center in Publika(this place is known for its rather elite clients who prefer privacy to the mass gym work-outs at the bigger gyms)…
Get fit with only 20 mins in a week… of work-out time? Really… is that even possible… Well, this got me curious to find out more… 😛 Let’s just check out some of the machines here…

machine1Inside the work-out room.. they had the Lower Back Machine… which was the first machine that I tried out… Jane (my dear friend) was truly a work-horse when it came to what she did for a living… initially it wasn’t too bad… as we started light…

machine2The second machine was the Leg Press… before I used any of the machines… I had to share my general health history so that she knew where my problem areas were and how fit or unfit I was…I always had an issue with my right knew.. so I definitely felt the strain on this machine…

machine3This Pull Down Machine was not a force to reckon with… you got to have the strength, mind control and right breathing technique when working this baby.. my feet were barely touching the ground and the weights gave resistance every time I gestured to pull the bar closer to my body…

machine4The next machine was the Chest Press.. (as she was running through the machines… and truly getting me to repeat the exercises at a certain level of intensity)… I started to understand why this would push people further for quicker and better results…

machine5Ah yes… to work out one of the commonest problem areas for most people… the Abs Machine… by this point my body was already feeling the strain from all the previous try-outs… (but Jane wasn’t about to let me off the hook yet).. so this was the second last machine before i could complete my session..
Neck-MachineFinally I’m almost done… erm… what’s this for?… I never really seen this before at the gym.. they called this the Neck Machine… (after this work-out… i’m thinking i might just try for the Guinness Book of Records for lifting heavy objects with my neck… haha…) 

Well overall it was a pretty different work-out for me… it wasn’t the typically sweaty gym experience…but i could feel that my body was tired and certain joints were sore…the coming 2-3 days is gonna be interesting… Thanks Jane…now I can forget about tomorrow’s party….. 😛 

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