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Leaving the skin bare

Recalling one of my earlier topics on ‘should I use make-up’, I spoke about how it has become a part of our daily lives and the effect it can have on ones self-esteem. While there are some women comfortable with their nude skin, many still rely heavily on make-up. These days’ young women in their teens are seen with thick eye shadow, lipstick, etc and while you may think I’m going to say let’s start giving away our box of miracle; I’m in fact taking a different point of view.

I personally think there’s nothing wrong with using make-up and in fact if we know the right brands to use and selecting the ones that best suit our skin… might even do more good than bad. Think harmful UV rays and having make-up as a protective layer for your skin. However, having said that, I’ve always admired women who are able to go natural with barely any make-up on. In which case for everything in moderation, while it’s our given right to look our best, it helps if we sometimes give our face a break.

For one thing I’ve learned…and it’s that only at this point that we realize how looking after our skin is so important. If we start adopting the right beauty regime and using appropriate products for our face… we might be able to go nude or at least close to it and still look great. Enhancing our features with make-up should be an effortless choice and not a tiresome daily drill. Given genes, our lifestyle, food and misuse of products has an effect on our skin, but there’s every reason to begin learning ways to improve the well-being of our skin.

I’m one who loves to live life to its fullest and sometimes dangerously… but like all things… taking a break and time to sit back helps to keep us balanced…likewise, with our skin… the face needs a vacation every now and then… :p 

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