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B’day Gathers at Providence!

ProvidencePartyTwo weeks ago: Serving up a Birthday do at this latest gossip club in town…the Providence has just found its opening a couple of months back and I’ve heard a lot about this suave club that mainly caters to the up and trendy types… at some point the shots were just laying on our table… well not for too long cheers everyone!
ProvidenceAJIt was a good thing I was dressed up and had saved my ‘goody self’ for the night.. it was all smiles… it’s been ages my friend…
Providence10Always a good thing… to have a chick moment… that and someone to hold your hand to the loo.. haha (such a girly thing to do)… :p
ProvidenceBear3but for the most parts… the highlight of the night was the Ted Bear…  hmmm, I so like it…
ProvidenceBear5It was my biggest snoggle for the night…
ProvidenceBear2Okay so i wasn’t the only one who liked the bear… haha ProvidenceBearMy take home for the night… some how i felt like it was my birthday… thanks Julian.. Ted’s staying with me tonight… yippey!

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