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movie & catchups!

Angeline1Let’s see I’ve only seen just about every single movie last month haha… well its a good thing September’s been a quiet month for me….today.. I’m getting ready to meet my princess..
MovieTimeTixItinerary the movie ‘Jobs‘… yea the movie’s been out rather low key…but it’s always nice to watch something away from mainstream… an overall okay bio about the man behind the apple computer… not typically a chick flick but t’was funny to see how Ashton walked like the man…
AngelAnetaWe finished off with a simple dinner at one of my favorite food courts.. Hutong at Lot1o… prices here are a lil’ more than your average hawker place but…I am a fan of their Duck Egg Fried Koay Teow (unfortunately finished by the time we got there…) so I ordered Dry beef Noodles instead… which was pretty nice too..

For dessert, we took a stroll while enjoying a scope of delicious Hagen Daz ice cream… (all time classic Macadamia Nuts)… just heavenly… See you soon munchkins…!

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