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Just Dinner & Dessert…

StrawberryField1It’s a Saturday! While tempting as it may be go dancing at the Marquee… I’m thinking Dinner and gossip this week… Destination food? … hmm, how about Strawberry Fields.. not too sure if the cooks here have changed but somehow i’m not really digging the ala’ carte dishes…
StrawberryField2Creamy Butter Fish? … truly a gummy experience…StrawberryField4Maybe this wasn’t too bad… but then again… my friend actually commented it tasted like can food… erm… I can’t disagree but at least it had more flavor then the Creamy Fish… I think i much preferred the Sizzling Hot Plate Beef to this Spicier version…
StrawberryField3Baby Kailan with garlic.. can’t go wrong with veggie… probably a good idea to keep dishes simple and less starchy… Perhaps, we should have ordered the single dishes like the pineapple fried rice or dry style noodles.. a safer bet to keep away from anything with gravy in it..A&W1 Dinner ended pretty late… and after going through a massive hour jam and some… there was pretty much nothing else to do on a saturday night.. too lazy for the city… yet restless to stay in… I was feeling like an A&W… (recalling this drive-tru since way back during high school).. maybe some sweet stuff or…A&W2more carbs… might salvage the night…hmm.. ice-cream floaties, a Mozza and Onion Rings… I’m thinking Sunday…it’s time to starve myself… haha..

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