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Friday Night@Ming Tien!

AngelineChooiI can’t remember the last time I was at…Ming Tien,… this is no ordinary Hawker Place.. Nevermind the variety, compared to many other Hawker Restaurants.. a much cleaner option and one could say cooler place to hang out… (a definite favorite for me is Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya).. but since we we’re heading to PJ … Ming Tien it is!
Pizza Brava
These days..it’s not uncommon to find Pizza’s, Pasta’s and even Sushi Stalls in the local hawker places… I decided to try the Pizza at Pizza Brava..
Friday-Things2Given I ordered the small serving, this was even tiny for me…but the Pizza tasted pretty ok actually.. and since stuffing my face was not the idea for the night…it was just enough..
Chicken Wings
I also ordered a plate of chicken wings just for extra…
For drinks..I thought… an Orange juice (without sugar) and got a real sour drink… but I didn’t complain…I’m trying to stay off sugar for at least a whole week… (after much chatting and getting the daily dose of the news… we decided to go someplace more conducive to talk about the good ol’ times..)
Always a cozy choice for chats since coffee was not a good idea..we decided on Chatime.. this is my second Chatime for the week and instead of having yet another bubble Tea… I opted for Cincau with Tea instead… (actually a good choice…for my sorethroat)…

We had a long chat about life, our friendship and a new future to come’… which got me thinking about the years that has past.. don’t worry my friend.. i’ve got your back.. just like how you’ve always looked out for me…catch up soon… God Bless!

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