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Eat, walk, shop Saturday

Woke up to a wonderful Saturday.. got a call for lunch and a hang out session for the whole day… yay! I get to do a bit of shopping too.. I’ve been meaning to buy a few things from downtown and this came at the best time.. (clothes and shoes please).. We decided on LOT 10 and Sg Wang for food, lot’s walking and some shopping..
HutongHere we are at the Hutong Food Centre in Lot 10, … and Yes I love Food.. :P,  the last time I was here… I had the dry beef noodles and previously tried the duck egg fried Koay Teow.. this time I’m gonna order something different..
Bak-Kut-Teh1 Spare-Ribs VeggieSomehow I felt like having Bak Kut Teh, the lunch set with Chinese Tea  plus an additional side order of vegetable came up to a lil’ above MYR22 ++ (one could say a high end version of what would typically cost ½ the price in a hawker stall).. but considering the clean environment and decent quality of food.. it was acceptable… after all we were right smack in the middle of the city and in a major shopping district.. anything costing less would be at the street stalls which I was not in the mood for.. (or at least not today)…
We did quite a bit of walking.. and after having mostly water.. a stop to 7-eleven got me wanting to try this Yeo’s Yogurt Drink (is this New?) I’ve probably seen this around but never tried it, well Yeo’s Yogurt Drink tasted very much like your Yakult or Vitagen.. but just a tad bit sweeter I thought.. Well the walk went on..and we probably burn like a few calories..just by marawalking (my way of saying marathon walking) back and forth between malls and nearly covering every floor… (I got myself 2 pairs of shoes at a steal…) and some clothes…
AngelineChooiOkay a stop for bites now.. I got a simple tea treat to Hailam Kopitiam, you can find this
 cafe chain in several parts of klang valley… and since our legs we’re aching.. it’s time to take a short rest..
Barley-PumpkinLet’s see what to order..at first I thought Tea or Coffee but nah… I went for their so-claimed signature barley drink (which was a bit different.. it had pumpkin bits in it)… hmm.. it was okay..
JapaneseBiscuitRemember this…? This use to be popular a popular thing in bakeries and cake shops at some point… JapaneseBiscuit2 JapaneseBiscuit3Yup… Japanese Biscuits… (ingredients…I’m thinking flour, eggs, lotsa butter, etc) and of course sprinkled with sugar to keep it crisp and for taste..

After Tea.. we did a bit more walking and headed back… legs we’re pretty tired by then.. No other intended tiresome event for the night.. a Saturday best to stay in and relax.. Sweet Dreams all..!

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