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The long weekend!

AngelineChooiThis time round the weekend stretches til’ early week as Hari Ray Haji falls on a Tuesday. Pretty much still fighting away the sick bug…which now is just down to a nasty cough.. I thought perhaps a movie to perk me up.. the Gravity, was playing so we decided to catch this flick.
Hpt&Roll2Hot&RollIt was one of those in between hours and so.. we thought to grab a light snack before the movie, I always find one of these wholesome treats to be quick yet tasteful. Hot & Roll kiosks can be found just about in every mall, I normally have the Beef Pepperoni Pratha, there’s only 2 types of base.. either the crispy pancake or pratha bread and somehow I feel pratha goes well with salty and crispy for sweet. My mum’s a fan of the Peanut Butter Pancake which is really nice when they make it thin and crisp…hmmm.. a yummy walk around snack..
NescafeA Nescafe to go…to keep myself alert for the movie..I’m still kinda pumped up with meds,…cough mixture, etc which causes drowsiness…
OctFestAfter the movie…it’s farewells and another catch-up to check-out the October Fest which was on its 3rd & final day at the One Utama Mall. My interest other then a sip of cool beer was the souvenir mug.OctFestCouponsFrom MYR25 onwards, you get to select your favorite beer..by purchasing these coupons…
ErdingerIt’s Erdinger Beer for me…for MYR30, I get to keep the mug too… :), The Carlsberg Event.. showcased many songs and fun games in tradition to the October Beer Festival and while I would have loved to stay on.. it was probably wise not to since I was still having the sniffles…CarlsbergOctFestAt the exit… they had breathalyzer tents serving free mineral water. Let’s see what it says…
Breathalizerand i’m a
0.6 reading… yikes, the limit is 0.08 (and you’re declared unfit to drive)…to think i only had a mug… 🙂 .. don’t look at me officer I only had a mug…., Drive Responsibly Everyone!

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